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The Adventure Continues!
One Small Step for BHE-China
The Start of a New Adventure


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The Adventure Continues!

The adventure definitely is continuing!  We've been searching for an apprentice and have run into a couple of challenges.

The first is that the machinery industry in China is quite unfamiliar with the technical writing industry as used in the US.  In a B2B situation, the Chinese manufacturers use internal writers, usually Chinese.  The result is very good. However, in the B2B situation for export, the resulting translation of the internally designed materials are generally not what one would expect.

One Small Step for BHE-China

Just an update on the first steps of BHE-China.  Just recently I've managed to connect with Intertek, one of the world's largest  compliance companies.  Intertek has over 35,000 employees world-wide and over 20 offices in China alone.

The Shanghai office of Intertek found  my website online while searching for an machinery technical writing service for a Canadian client of theirs.

After much back and forth and several showings of  previous work, BHE-China was signed on for project work for the client.

The Start of a New Adventure

Where does one start in the description of a new adventure?  At the beginning of how it came to be? Or perhaps, at the time that the idea began? Or maybe, at the time that the adventure became clear in one's mind?

I think the latter time is the best place to begin, when the adventure became clear in my mind.

I call this an adventure because adventures always includes room for error, personal discovery, and emotions as opposed to a Plan which is only about data, resources, economics and schedules.